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The Fine Print Process

Preferring the kinetics of traditional darkroom printing Heidi finds it is the purest form to express the completeness of skill, vision, passion, coincidence, grace, and beauty that resounds in the voice of an image. Raised in the darkroom Heidi continues to perfect her skills with the Fujichrome process using a 30" Kreonite processor. The steps are laborious and slow, but tactual and responsive in a predictable and commandable way. Heidi creates her art solely from creation to processing and printing to framing. The first step after the E-6 processing is to create a contrast mask using black and white film, a point light source, and wratten filters. Several masks are made for each image varying in density and sharpness and tested before choosing the mask that accentuates the image and matches it to the printing properties of the Fujichrome material. Numerous exposures and filtration combinations are tested to create the basic recipe before the final burning and dodging are brought to light. It is this dance between the light source and print that is singular and interactive with the moment, truly making each print an original. All images that are personally hand-printed by Heidi are signed directly on the image.

2022 Update-The Fujichrome chemicals and print material are long gone as are the days of handprinting from color transparencies.  I have a body of work in reserve if you are interested in owning a hand printed original please let me know.
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